Accio Books Update

The sorting party was a great success. Fun WRock music, really nummy themed eats, posters & pins for participants… and books. So many books! We all worked really hard to sort through & organize all the books… how many books?

I just totaled it up on the spreadsheet and our chapter has donated 2479 books so far! Kate might have a few more handfuls to donate once she takes a final look at her shelves to get us to an even 2500, so the number might go up slightly in the next day or so. But we definitely met and surpassed our goal. Great work, Carpe Furutum!

A couple other things:
1. You have all been subscribed to the mailing list. An e-mail has been sent to you and you should follow the directions to confirm (so you can stay on top of all the things Carpe Futurum is doing).
2. I’ll be posting photos and more throughout the week on the Accio Books page so keep checking back for updates!
3. If you brought books, your totals will be added tonight to your houses to help your house compete for the cup. All the books you brought helps our chapter compete for the chapter cup! *crosses fingers*

Thank you for helping make the first project of our chapter of the HPA such a success!


2 Responses to “Accio Books Update”

  1. I forgot to ask if you would be taking any more books – and until what date. Marisa has a friend who might have books – but we forgot to give her this date.

    Thanks for this fun event. About to sit down with my Hufflepuff cookie and some tea.

    • The drive ends at the end of March. All points should be logged by 3/31/10. So books have to be collected and (technically) donated by the end of March. So… if you can get them on Monday or Tuesday you could donate them to a local place on Wednesday (or I could take them to the Book Thing on Saturday– I’d go there sooner but the Book Thing is only open on weekends). I think we’re allowed to be a liiiiiiiiiiiiiittle flexible when it comes to donating. But they should definitely be collected & in your hands (and points logged) by the end of March (donated if possible). I’m taking kids books to ECHO on Tuesday evening. Or if they’re appropriate you could add them to the donations for Nativity.

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