MAK- Plant Flowers this Sunday

Help us to make the days of nonprofit workers a little brighter by planting some flowers. Carpe Futurum will be doing this Magical Act of Kindness (the magical part is that it’s anonymous) on Sunday, April 18 from 3-5pm. We’ll clean out the old dirt & dead plants from window boxes & planters, choose some new plants that will thrive in the location, and then plant the flowers/plants. We hope that the workers will smile when they come to work the next morning and see the prettiness waiting for them. Feel free to bring gloves, trash bags, and small gardening tools.

Join us Sunday at 10808 Kelley Drive in Fairfax, VA, near the main GMU campus. The building is at the very end of the street. Contact us if you need more directions. More details can be found on the project’s page.


One Response to “MAK- Plant Flowers this Sunday”

  1. This sounds like fun – what a great idea! I need to see how kids are doing on homework before I can commit.

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