Help End Breast Cancer

One of our local Harry Potter fans is participating in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk for the Cure. She will be walking 60 miles in order to help raise awareness and funds to fight breast cancer.

Maggie’s team name is We Love Mary. They are walking for two Marys – Mary Tuggle and Mary (Bea) Stallings – both breast cancer survivors. (Bea died in March 2008 at the age of 88). In order to walk, she and her mother must each raise $2,300. They are asking for help to reach the goal so they can participate in the race.

You can donate online at her personal fundraising page and click the donate button. Or you can visit, click on Donate to a Participant, and search by her name (Maggie Mack). You can also call 800-996-3DAY to donate over the phone.

If you can’t donate at this time, reply to this post or e-mail us with a supportive message for Maggie & her team and we’ll make sure she gets them/sees them all before the event!

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women. Breast cancer is the number one cause of cancer death in Hispanic women. It is the second most common cause of cancer death in white, black, Asian/Pacific Islander, and American Indian/Alaska Native women. Everything that we do today helps prevent breast cancer tomorrow … for everyone.

According to the most recent statistics:
· In 2006, 191,410 women were diagnosed with breast cancer.
· And 40,820 women died from breast cancer.

All of those women were someone’s mother, sister, grandmother, aunt, or friend. You and I have to do everything possible to cure this disease. Please support We Love Mary by making a contribution to this team. Please do not think you need to make a big contribution to help. Every single penny will help.

Check back with Maggie at her personal fundraising page for further updates. Without a cure, one person will die of breast cancer every 13 minutes in the United States. That’s why Maggie & her mom are walking in this 3-day event. They want to do something bold about breast cancer. We hope that you’ll share this incredible adventure.


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  1. To Do:

    Fight Breast Cancer – check!!

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