MAK Accomplished

On Saturday, Carpe Futurum met to perform a magical act of kindness. At a non profit for writers, for which Kate works, we cleaned out the old planters and flower boxes, which contained everything from dead flowers to old birds nests to cigarette butts. We chose and purchased new plants and soil. And then we arranged and planted the flowers. You can see photos of our exploits on the project page.

There was a rhyme & reason to the plants we chose. Originally, we were looking for plants that would represent all four houses in color (green, yellow, red, and blue). And in the end we do sort of have all the colors/houses represented. However, we were restricted in needing to plant plants that do well in partial sun or shade (so pansies were out, for example). In the end, there were some that just called out for us to plant them.

  • 2 Lilies of the Valley (window boxes)
  • 4 Marietta Marigolds (window boxes)
  • 4 Wizard Velvet Red Coleus plants (window boxes)
  • 2 blue Hydrangeas (planters)

On Monday morning, there was some speculation at AWP as to where the flowers had come from:

“Did you see the beautiful flowers outside?”
“Where did they come from?”
“I think it might have been George Mason University. Either that or [another coworker].”
“I wonder what the big ones will look like.”
“I hope it doesn’t freeze again.”
“They’re sort of Hokie colors, aren’t they?”
“Our last flowers died because not much sunlight reaches there.”
“Do you know where they came from? Can you give me hints?”

So far, anonymity remains intact.


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