Support Another Fandom… for Charity

A few of us (Harry Potter fans) are going to be going to the Can’t Stop the Serenity event at the Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse. We’ll be seeing Serenity there on Saturday, June 26 at 1pm. You can buy your tickets online for $8 + $0.45 (online service charge). Last year they sold out before the show, but the year before they didn’t, so you take your chances if you decide to buy tickets on the day of the show. There’s also a showing on the evening of Friday, June 25 (but we won’t be at that one). You can also buy some awesome event swag in advance before May 9.

The movie, Serenity, is the sequel to the Joss Whedon show, Firefly (if anyone hasn’t seen the show & wants to watch the series episodes before the movie, you can watch some episodes online at for free at Hulu or e-mail me about borrowing my DVD box set). This annual showing of the movie is a fandom effort to raise money for several different, great charities: Equality Now, Kids Need to Read, the Al Wooten Jr. Heritage Center, So Others Might Eat, and Homeward Trails. In addition, they’ll be collecting non-perishable food items (especially ground coffee, cold cereal, canned meats/tuna) for So Others Might Eat and food & supplies (especially dog & cat toys and treats, food, postage stamps, collars and leashes) for Homeward Trails (an animal rescue program). Everyone who donates items for the human & pet drive will receive 2 raffle tickets.

So come hang out with some Harry Potter fans, support another fandom’s efforts, help charities, and see an awesome movie all at the same time!


5 Responses to “Support Another Fandom… for Charity”

  1. Hey, I started watching Firefly!! I am enjoying the series and will try to attend Serenity, but, I notice it overlaps with my daughter’s dance production weekend. I don’t have the exact schedule yet, but, it is looking doubtful. 😦

    • Good News! Dance schedule is cooperating. I finished Firefly – and just watched the Serenity trailer. It looks Awesome!! I am pretty sure I will be there – and may bring a couple of guests as well – cuz everyone here is jumping on the Firefly bandwagon!!

      • KateKintail Says:

        Yay! Oh, I’m so thrilled! It took me a couple episodes to get into the show, but I ended up ordering my Jayne cunning hat even before I had finished watching the series, that’s how in love with it I was. LOL

        I definitely hope you & guests will be able to make it (if you’re certain you’ll be going, be sure to buy tickets ahead of time in case it sells out).

  2. Squeeee!! I got my tickets!! See you there!!

  3. […] Current Project: Vote for the HPA! Also: come to “Can’t Stop the Serenity”- another fandom’s charity event, help a local Harry Potter fan end breast cancer, and get ready to Wizard Rock the […]

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