Vote & Help Us Win the Chapter Cup!

Carpe Futurum won the Chapter Cup for Accio Books. Can we hold onto the cup for this project? The Harry Potter Alliance is participating in the Chase Community Give Away. Chase is sponsoring a contest that will split $5 million among 200 charities. 195 charities will win $20,000. 4 runners up will win $100,000. And the winner will win $250,000. The contest lasts until July 12th and so between now and then we need approximately a GAZILLION people to vote for the HPA so that we can win lots of money and then save the world.

What will the HPA do with the money if they win it? Check out

Please take a few minutes to complete these ELEVEN Easy Steps and help the HPA win money… and help Carpe Futurum win the Chapter Cup!

STEP 1. Vote here!

STEP 2. Click the checkbox at the bottom to add yourself to people interested in this charity; it will add your profile. The message by the checkbox reads:

“Please display my name and profile picture below so this charity knows it can contact me to get more involved.”

STEP 3. Tweet that you voted! OR After you vote, CLICK HERE to tweet it automatically.

“I just voted for The Harry Potter Alliance to win $250K Go vote NOW! @TheHPAlliance #hpaFTW”

STEP 4. Post on Facebook that you voted (and a sentence on why you did), recommend the application to all of your FB friends. At the top of our profile ( is a green button that says “Share with Friends.” Click to post!

STEP 5. Change your avatar/user picture on all social media profiles – Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, blogs, Nings, EVERYTHING.

STEP 6. Retweet / Repeat every single HPAFTW Tweet. Create a twitter account if you have to! Tweets about CCC will be going out at least once per day! Retweeting is super easy.

STEP 7. “Like” or Comment on every single post that comes from the HPA Facebook fan page. Facebook will be giving short updates that match closely with the tweets once per day!

STEP 8. Add info to your email signatures, message board signatures, even your personal email accounts:

Where will that money go?
More about the Harry Potter Alliance:

STEP 9. Get at least 5 of your friends or family members to vote for us as well!!! 5 is only the MINIMUM. GET AS MANY PEOPLE AS YOU CAN! Set yourself a goal: 1 new person to vote per day. Or all of your facebook friends. They don’t have to know or be familiar with the HPA to vote for us, it only takes 30 seconds. Send out something to this effect via email and facebook:

Hey friends!

The Harry Potter Alliance, the nonprofit organization I volunteer at, is in the running to win $250,000!! All we need is your vote. It takes only 30 seconds, and it would make a big difference. The Harry Potter Alliance is working very hard to get votes, and the more voters the better. Here’s how:
1. Go to and click “vote”
2. Click the green button “Share with Friends” and post it to your feed to spread the word.

You can find out more about the HPA at If you like what you see, you could email all of your friends as well. It only takes a minute to send out an email and get more votes. Click here to do more to help.

Thanks! You have no idea what a difference your vote will make.

STEP 10. Send the previous email out to every single discussion group, every single listserv, anyone and everyone who might be interested in supporting us! And ask your friends to email their friends as well!

STEP 11. When you have done steps 1 through 10, please reply to this post or e-mail to let us know. We get 10 points every time one of our members completes these steps to vote & get the word out. So when you’re done with the steps, let us know! đŸ™‚


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