Past, Present, & Future Fun!

Check out the Projects section of our website for new info on the past, present, and future projects of Carpe Futurum! There are now write-ups and more photos of past projects, including the Charity Raffle at Sonorus, Can’t Stop the Serenity, and the HPAFTW campaign. Speaking of which, thanks to all members who voted and asked friends/family to vote as well. The HPA will be able to do so much good with the money we won for coming in first place!

We have some exciting events coming up as well! As you might know, Carpe Futurum is doing Wizard Rock the Vote this year to help get more people registered to vote in the upcoming fall election. We have WRocked the vote at two Wizard Rock concerts so far (one in Washington, DC and one in Virginia). Check the WRock the Vote page for more events where we will be registering voters. The page also gives some great voter registration info specific to our area.

Our next event will be on August 22 at the City of Fairfax Library in Fairfax, VA from 1-5pm. We’ll be getting together to play a whole bunch of Harry Potter board games. All you need to do is bring one (or more) of the school supplies on this list for charity and you’ll be granted admission to an afternoon of fun! We’ll also have voter registration forms on hand.

On October 2, Kate will be volunteering for the umpteenth time at AIDS Walk Washington in Washington, DC. If you are interested in volunteering with her at the event, send her an e-mail at

And when the weather turns colder in November, we’ll be reviving our Magical Acts of Warmth project and meeting up to make some blankets for local people in need.


One Response to “Past, Present, & Future Fun!”

  1. Catherine Says:

    We collected an impressive amount of school supplies last weekend–3 full boxes and about 6 more bags. Thanks to everyone for their generosity!

    And it was an impressive amount of fun!

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