It’s Project for Awesome Day!

It’s that time of year again! No, I’m not talking about the holidays. It’s time for the Project for Awesome (P4A)! This began as a great nerdfighter project with the Vlogbrothers in 2007, but it has grown every year as so many people take part. The idea is for people to make videos that highlight their charity of choice (many people choose to talk about the HPA, hint hint!) and then upload it to YouTube to get the word out. You can check out the Project for Awesome website to find out about tons of different charities and help raise money. There’s also a great raffle going on (Kate has already bought a few raffle tickets; she is weak in the face of nerdfigher/DFTBA awesomeness) to support various charities.

How can you participate?

  1. Promote the 2010 P4A videos by viewing as MANY videos as possible on YouTube on December 17 and both writing comments and “liking” them. The more comments and “likes” the videos get, the more they will be featured as top videos on YouTube and the more people will see the videos and learn about the different charities. The idea is to make videos about charities the most popular videos for one day on YouTube.
  2. Make a video about a charity you care about. Upload the video to YouTube around noon with p4a and/or project for awesome in the title and tags so people can find it.
  3. Seriously, view the 2010 P4A videos and make comments, because for each comment made, 1 penny is donated to charity by the Vlogbrothers, up to $10,000! So you can raise money just by watching YouTube videos–how cool is that?
  4. Tune into the P4A YouTube Channel throughout the day and watch the “rapid dispatches” and news about how the project is going.

We didn’t make a chapter video this year, but we’ll try to make one in time for P4A 2011. You can find out more about the way the HPA is getting involved on the HPA’s P4A project webpage. Did you make a Project for Awesome video this year for the HPA or any other charity? If so, send us the link so we can all go and “like” it and comment on it!


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