2011 Projects

Here is information about the various projects of Carpe Futurum in 2011. You can check out our 2010 Projects as well. If you have any ideas about past or future projects of our chapter, please contact us at carpefuturum@gmail.com.

We encourage members to lead projects you are excited about. Are you doing a project to plant trees and need some people to come lend a hand? Are you participating in a charity walk for a good cause and want some people to raise money and walk with you? Are you volunteering at a soup kitchen that needs some more help? Carpe Futurum can help!

Projects for 2011 (subject to change):

January 22- Interest Meeting/Small Projects & Discussion of Body Bind Horcrux
February 19– Accio Books! Prep & Discussion of Bullying Horcrux
March 26– Accio Books! Sorting Party
April– Accio Books book drive continues (on your own)
May 15- Trip to the DC Zoo (collect donations for the cheetahs: Granger, Draco and Zabini!) & Gathering fair trade chocolate wrappers
June & July- Environmental gift pack give-away
August 27- Game Day & School Supply drive for charity
September 3- Wrock the Vote at local wizard rock concert
October- Quidditch camp outreach & fundraiser
October– Make a video featuring our chapter for the Project for Awesome
November- Craft party
December– Make goodie bags for Orphan Foundation of America

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