Time for Accio Books!

It’s officially March and time to start summoning those books! Accio Books is our annual book drive for charity. Last year we collected more than 2,500 books. This year, our goal is 3,000. Will you help us meet that goal and maybe win the Chapter Cup again?

Help is Needed Already!
If you have time on March 1 to help load & unload 20 or 30 boxes of book donations, join us at Burke Centre Library from around 5:45 to 6:30pm. We’ll also be setting up the display case then.

Brand New Chapter Competition!
We have a special competition for just Carpe Futurum members going right now. The member who collects the most books (not including the chapter organizers) will win a Harry Potter Alliance bag filled with goodies. If you want to team up with someone and split the prize, that’s allowed as well. So keep track of the number of books you collect and come to the March 26 sorting party to find out who wins!

Find A Charity!
Please feel free to contact places in our area that might like books. We’re going to have thousands and we’ll need places to donate those. The biggest rule is to be sure the place we donate books doesn’t resell the books (no thrift stores). When you contact places, find out how many books they would like and what sort of books they will or will not accept. Then e-mail us with the information so we can put together a full list of requirements for each charity at the sorting party.

Get Ready… Get Set… Sort!
Save the date of Saturday, March 26 from 1:30-5:00pm for the big Accio Books sorting party! We’ll have snacks, wizard rock, thousands of books, and maybe even a game of Harry Potter book trivia to keep our energy levels up 🙂


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