Accio Books- 3 ways to participate

There have been so many activities going on back-to-back at the Harry Potter Alliance lately that even I was growing exhausted trying to keep up with it all. But a fellow Hufflepuff reminded me today that this campaign of seven parts is about fighting real world horcruxes and the trio certainly didn’t have an easy time finding & defeating Voldemort’s horcruxes, did they? So with my renewed enthusiasm, I’m asking you to help me fight illiteracy, one book at a time.

Some of the info here will be a refresher and other parts are new. There are 3 big things you can do this time around to help:

1. Gather Books:
Check your bookshelves for books you’re done with. Ask your family, friends, classmates, and coworkers for any books they no longer want. We’ll accept anything this year (even textbooks, which we couldn’t accept last year). You can even put a donation box out at your school, workplace, or local coffee shop. There will be a special Harry Potter prize bag for the Carpe Futurum member who gathers the most books!
*If you want your books to be donated to local organizations: contact us and we’ll set up a time & place where you can get the books to us OR bring them yourself to the Accio Books sorting party on March 26. We’ve got a spreadsheet going to keep track of numbers of books for our chapter, the person who donated them, and the house you’re in, so you’ll get proper credit.
*If you want your books (children’s books only) to go to the HPA’s project this year: mail the books there yourself and e-mail me to let me know how many books you mailed so that we can keep track for our chapter. These year’s project is to build an entire library at the Bedford-Stuyvesant New Beginnings Charter School (BSNBCS) in Brooklyn, NY.


2. Buy Books at Borders Using on March 19 & 20:
Are there some books you’ve been wanting to buy anyway and just needed an excuse to go get them? Buy them at any Borders store or online at on March 19 and/or March 20 using this code:
The HPA will get money for every book purchased on those days, using the flyer code, and the money will be used for buying shelves at the BSNBCS library we’re building. So you get books for yourselves and you help build a library at the same time. Win-win!

Kate will be at the Borders near Springfield Mall on March 19 from about 1pm-6pm with a stack of HPA flyers and the goal of making some serious progress in a YA novel she’s writing. Come by to say hello or stay for a while and get some writing of your own done.


3. Help sort books:
The sorting party will be on March 26 from 1:30-5:00pm. We’ll need boxes, tape, and many hands to help sort! You can drop off books, enjoy wizard rock & snacks, sort books going to different charities, and find out who wins the Carpe Futurum chapter prize for most books collected!


Here’s the breakdown of points so you’ll know what to concentrate on:

  • 10pts/ book donated locally
  • 15pts/ Harry Potter book, or book written by one of our Heads of House donated locally (in your own community)
  • 20pts/ book donated to the New Beginnings Charter school in NYC
  • 5pts/ Build-A-Library coupon shared
  • 20pts/ Build-A-Library coupon used

Be sure you count your books and coupon uses and report in to Kate with the info!


Visit our page here:


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