Kate’s Dear Mr. Potter Project – Need Your Help!

Hi, it’s Kate here 🙂

Perhaps you’ve heard about the book, Dear Mr. Potter, which is a series of letters from Harry Potter fans around the world. If you don’t already have a copy, I highly recommend you get one because it’s great and inspirational and all proceeds go to benefit the Harry Potter Alliance! Find out more: http://thehpalliance.org/dearmrpotter/

I’d really like to make my copy of Dear Mr. Potter special by asking every Harry Potter fan I hang out with online or in real life to write a short letter I can insert into the book. It can have art, words, photos—whatever you want as long as it’s flat and can be inserted into the book (i.e., not a poem on a giant cloth banner or a wooden wand or a 50 page book). I would be honored if you would make a Dear Mr. Potter page about your experience as a fan and what Potter means to you (check out the book and the website for examples).

You can e-mail it to me as an attachment at kmcdevit@vt.edu or give it to me at a meeting!


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