Table at Sonorus II

It’s official! Carpe Futurum will have a table at the Northern Virginia wizard rock festival known as Sonorus 2011. We’ll have info cards people can take and we’ll have lots of voter registration information on hand for Wizard Rock the Vote.

Be sure to check out the festival–TONS of bands will be performing including: Witherwings, the Blibbering Humdingers, Bella and le Strangers, Snidget, Hawthorn and Holly, Fred and George the Band, Justin Finch-Fletchly and the Sugar Quills, and Muggle Mike.

Date: September 3
Time: doors open at 12:45 PM, music from 1-8 PM
Location: Jammin Java – 227 Maple Avenue East – Vienna, VA 22180 – 703-255-1566
Cost: $10
Description: Wizards and muggles will unite once again to rock out in at SONORUS, a day-long music festival for Harry Potter fans who like to rock. Wizard rock is music inspired by the Harry Potter books, and it spans across the genres: everything from folk to punk to rock will be represented. Nearly a dozen bands from all over the east coast will take to the stage, so don’t miss this chance to embrace your inner book-nerd and rock out.


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