Project for Awesome

This year, Carpe Futurum is going to participate in Project for Awesome (P4A). The idea is to make a video to promote a worthy charity. So the charity we’re promoting is Harry Potter Alliance Chapters. We all know the good things the Harry Potter Alliance has done over the years (5 planes to Haiti, hundreds of thousands of books donated, deathly hallows campaign), but we’re going to show why it’s so great to join a local chapter.

What’s so great about HPA chapters? An HPA chapter is able to bring fans together in real life to focus on projects that make a difference in our immediate community. We’re also able to do projects that really matter to us.There are a hundred other reasons why HPA chapters deserve to get some attention… what reasons can YOU think of?

For our P4A video, we need all the Carpe Futurum members to send things to put in our video. Send a short quote about what being in an HPA chapter means to you or about a project you’re proud we completed. Send a photo of one of our events that exemplifies the spirit of our chapter. Or film a quick video (up to 20 seconds) about how great HPA chapters are.

Deadline: December 11, 2011

Send to:

Give to Kate: during the Dec 11 blanket-making meeting

If you’re doing a video and the file size is more than 3MB,
you can upload your file to somewhere like dropbox

I’ll piece them together and put them up on YouTube on December 17 (Project for Awesome Day!)


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