It’s Project for Awesome Weekend!

It’s Project 4 Awesome weekend! P4A is a way of using YouTube to promote amazing charities. Kate put together a video for Carpe Futurum– watch it and then comment on it at YouTube!

Ways to get involved in P4A, December 17-18, 2011:
1. Go to YouTube and do a search for p4a2011 and comment on every video you like. The more comments, the more a video will be promoted. The goal is to get as much attention in YouTube for charities. Take over the main YouTube page with awesome works of good.

2. Make & upload your own video NOW! Find out more:

3. Visit to donate and bid on exiting auction items.

4. Visit to vote for your favorite charities and see tons of videos that are being posted.

5. Spread the word! Share links to your favorite videos of charities on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.

6. Watch the LiveStream to find out what’s happening right now (featured videos, commentary, etc.).

7. COMMENT ON ALL THE VIDEOS! Hey, we’re Harry Potter fans, we have to have 7 things in a list.

DFTBA–don’t forget to be awesome, Harry Potter fans!


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