Accio Books 2012

Every year, the HPA hosts a charity book drive called Accio Books. Carpe Futurum is gearing up to participate in Accio Books this year, which will run from July through September (tentative dates).

Save the Date: September 30, 2012

On Sept 30, we’ll have our fun book sorting party. We’ll gather books that have been donated and sort them to the different organizations that will get the books.

Ways to Participate:

1. Collect books you no longer need. Ask your friends, family, co-workers, and/or classmates to donate books as well. Visit used book stores and library or church book sales to buy some books you want to donate. We will accept any books! Bring your books to any DADA event in July, August, or September or the September 30 sorting party.
2. We can only give to libraries and organizations that will NOT re-sell books (even if they resell them for charity, that’s against the rules). Find a local organization that fits this requirement and wants books. Ask them what kind of books they want and how many they want. Then send Kate the info.
3. Put a box out at your local community center, coffee shop, grocery store, workplace, or school, asking for book donations. Remember: we will accept ANY books!
4. Come to our sorting party on September 30 at Pohick Library in Burke from 1pm-5pm to help load/unload books, sort them to the different charities, and box them up. We’ll have music, food, and some prizes.

We may have some other events and ways to get involved, so please check back here regularly!

Last year we donated 5,003 books to 18 different charity organizations. Can we beat those numbers this year? Seize the future and help us get books to people in our community who need them!


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