2010 Projects

Here is information about the various projects of Carpe Futurum in 2010. If you have any questions about past projects of our chapter, please contact us at carpefuturum@gmail.com.

Carpe Futurum Projects of 2010:

December 7- Gift Bags for OFA
December-Dementor Horcrux
November 13- Magical Acts of Warmth
November/December- Starvation Wages Horcrux
August/September/October- Wizard Rock the Vote
August 22- Games for School Supplies
June-July- HPAFTW
June 26- Helping Other Fandoms
May 29- Charity Raffle at Sonorus with DADA
April 18- Magical Act of Kindness- Planting Flowers
March- Accio Books 2010
Winter- Magical Acts of Warmth


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