The Harry Potter Alliance participated in the Chase Community Give Away. Chase spondored a contest that splits $5 million among 200 charities. 195 charities win $20,000. 4 runners up win $100,000. And the winner wins $250,000. The contest ran from June until July 12th, 2010. We needed approximately a GAZILLION people to vote for the HPA so that it could win lots of money and then save the world. HPA members were asked to complete 10 easy steps to support and then help spread the word.

Did we win? Yes we did! With the help of thousands of dedicated HPA members, fans from many fandoms, friends & family, Nerdfighters around the world, & others, we managed to come in at first place!

What will the HPA do with the money? Check out http://www.thehpalliance.org/help-the-harry-potter-alliance-win-250000/

Harry Potter Alliance Chapter Organizers at Infinitus

At Infinitus, Kate (one of your chapter co-organizers) was present to witness the presentation of the check. It was a wonderful event that included a Senator from Florida, representatives from Chase, big names from the Harry Potter fandom (Andrew, Karen, Melissa, Paul, and Matt), and even a live chat with Nerdfighter & HPA member, Ester, who inspired so many votes.

Paul led us all in a victorious sing-along.

Photo Gallery:


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