2. Dementor Horcrux

December 1, 2010 – January 2011

We all remember from the books what dementor attacks feel like. And many of us have felt those sorts of feelings in our own lives. Real life dementors of anxiety, depression, low body image, low self-esteem, and others threaten many of us. And though the dementors try to make us feel alone, there are always people who you can reach out to for help.

The HPA is working as a community to cast Patronuses to drive the dementors away, just as Harry learned to do. Each of us has the same breathtaking power within us… and each of us can reach out to help others.

In partnership with Reachout.com, the HPA is asking us to create individual Patronuses in the form of writing, photos, drawings, paintings, videos, songs- basically any piece of art that expresses an element of your own Patronus. You can submit you Patronus through the submissions page at tumblr or by emailing it to deathlyhallows@thehpalliance.org Check out the Tumblr archive every day for more updates. The Patronuses will be combined together into one large, collective Patronus that symbolizes hope, love, strength, and all that is good in us. And that patronus will be sent as a message to people who need help.

PLEASE keep in mind these points from the HPA:

  • No one here is a substitute for a professional mental health counselor.
  • Internal emotional/mental change normally happens slowly. A month long campaign is here to lay positive seeds but is by no means a solution for everything.
  • The Internet is a public space and please respect yourself. We do not want folks sharing anything that could be harmful to them emotionally or physically in any way. It often is not good to share very personal things over the Internet because we do not know who is reading what we say.
  • This is a sensitive issue for most of us and we ask that people are positive and supportive as we focus less on the Dementors that bother us and more on the Patronuses.

Find out more about this campaign here: http://thehpalliance.org/action/campaigns/deathly-hallows/horcrux-2/

Expecto Patronum!

What’s another way Carpe Futurum helped battle real life dementors? We packed small goodie bags for the Orphan Foundation of America.


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