3. Body Bind Horcrux

January 2011

Liberacorpus means “to free the body” and that’s what the third horcrux is all about. In January 2011 the HPA is asking us to focus on freeing our bodies and challending us to think in new ways. Here’s the schedule:

  • Week 1: January 2 – 8: Break Out Of The Muggle Mindset
    confronting head-on the messages in society that make us think our bodies aren’t good enough, discussing the importance of the connection between our minds and our bodies, and how to recognize this connection in day to day lives.
  • Week 2: January 9 – 15: Nourish Your Body
    making sure we’re respecting ourselves by putting in things that are positive, wholesome, and good.
  • Week 3: January 16 – 22: Getting Active
    learning to take care of our bodies physically, but also making sure we are exercising and growing our minds and spirits.
  • Week 4: January 23 – 29: De-Stressing
    recognizing the importance of listening and responding to the needs of our bodies, and how to maintain a sense of balance.

You can do your part:

  • Visit the HPA Blog frequently and comment on your favorite topics. Report in on how you’re progressing and working to keep your body healthy.
  • Similarly, check out the HPA Vlogs and make your own video response.
  • Jump into the discussions on the HPA Community Ning

Find out more about this campaign here: http://thehpalliance.org/action/campaigns/deathly-hallows/horcrux-3/

Wizard Rock Workout

After soliciting ideas from the HPA forums and from friends, KateKintail created an incredibly silly workout to a mix of Wizard Rock songs. You can check out just the playlist & cover or you can download the whole set of suggested instructions and laugh at Kate’s plushie friends doing exercises:


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