6. Child Slavery Horcrux

May 2011

Children all over the world are exploited and enslaved with no way to protect themselves. They work for little to no money in horrendous conditions and are forced into situations no person should have to face. In May, the HPA is taking a stand against child slavery in all its forms across the globe.

What is Carpe Futurum doing for the child slavery horcrux?

  • Carpe Futurum will make the documentary “The Dark Side of Chocolate” available for viewing. If you want to see it, let us know in the comments or e-mail carpefuturum@gmail.com!
  • Carpe Futurum will have fair trade chocolate available at upcoming events: May 15 Zoo Trip and May 29 Re-View Party. We plan to eat it up, take a photo of the wrappers and enclose it with a letter to the WB telling them how much more we will support them when their products are fair trade.

Carpe Futurum at the zoo with our fair trade chocolate

What can I do for the child slavery horcrux?

Learn more about the HPA’s 6th horcrux on child slavery.


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